3 Uncommon Types of Personal Injury Cases You May Not Know Are Real

Personal injury is a type of tort law that covers damage done to a person that should not have occurred if ordinary care had been taken by the responsible person, business, or property owner under the state’s laws and regulations. When a person is damaged by an injury to the extent they are scarred, maimed, or out of work, the law says they should be compensated, or made whole. Here are three uncommon types of personal injury cases you may not know are real – but they are!

Dog Bites

The CDC reported that more than 4.7 million dog bites occur each year. With almost 1,000,000 of those bites requiring medical attention, it is easy to see how serious a dog bit can be. Tears at the skin can leave life-long scars, and when it is a child’s face the dog grabs, the wound can lead to mental and emotional trauma. If you or a loved one experience a dog bite, contact a personal injury lawyer right away.

Premises Liability

Being safe when visiting another’s home, business, or property is what premises liability is all about. Preventable harm is the focus of the law, meaning guests are meant to be safe when visiting a property, business, or other location. If a guest is injured, and the injury was due to the property owner’s or business tenant’s negligence because they didn’t follow the laws of the state, the injured guest can sue for compensation.

Construction Accidents

Construction zones are dangerous places to work, and they can be deadly places to visit. Whether it is a slip and fall, an electrocution, or being hit by machinery, construction workers face dangers every day. Scaffolding can fall, items can tumble off of roofs, and cranes can drop items – and sometimes hard hats are not enough to protect the site worker. If you know someone that gets hurt on a construction site, have them seek the counsel of an attorney right away.

Defective Products

It may be funny to think about buying a trick gift and having it burst in a sparkle and then send out a loud explosion but imagine if the product you purchased was not supposed to explode. When items do not work in the way the manufacturer states they should, and when the consumer is hurt because of the trust and expectations he or she had on the manufacturer’s representation, a defective products suit should be investigated. Examples of this type of lawsuit can include, misleading or false advertising that results in an accident or injury, insufficient testing to guarantee the device was safe for a child’s use, or holiday lights that get hot enough to ignite a tree. Let your attorney know about the defective product so he or she can get it off the market.

If a tree falls on your head or a dog bites you, contact an attorney. It doesn’t matter if it was a premises liability case, a construction accident, or you encountered a defective product, you have a right to be compensated for pain, suffering, and the time you are out of work.

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