5 Situations When You Must Have a Lawyer By Your Side

Back in the day, a spoken agreement was enough to trust someone that they’ll do as agreed. Today, things have changed. They’ve changed so much that you need an attorney for almost every agreement you make with someone else and much more than just that.

In this article, we’ll talk about some situations when you simply can’t get by without having a lawyer on your side. Yes, they charge, and sometimes even a high amounts, but in most cases, that’s just a drop in the sea considering how much you can lose if you don’t have one. Read on and learn more!

1. Divorce

The first one that will cost you a fortune if you don’t hire a professional legal representative is the divorce. The USA has a huge rate of divorces and is among the countries in the world where this is very common. Read this interesting article about the American marriage trends.

Divorce is actually a legal contract by which the partners decide to split but obligated by law they have to split everything between them. Different states in the US have different laws which mean during the divorce the fight for assets can be brutal. Without an attorney, you’ll end up mentally and financially depleted.

2. Business law specialist

Every business needs a professional representing the needs of the company. In the world of corporations, consumerism, and capitalism everyone works to get more profit and business ethics are often forgotten.

That being said, it doesn’t matter if you have another idea of business. You simply need a business lawyer who will read all contracts to details and respond accordingly. All companies tend to make deals that are in their favor so you need a person who will make the balance and you won’t be the only suffering.

That’s why big corporations and companies making agreements with their clients create contracts that often look like college books. Every single detail is mentioned inside and protects the right of the business in the court of law. Writing such a thing requires more people and this is why we always hear “a team of legal representatives” on the news.

3. Selling/buying

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying or selling, you need a person who will advise you about legal matters. There isn’t much complexity in a simple trade. We do this every day in the market, for example. However, if you’re buying/selling a house, you need a lawyer who knows what needs to put in the contract so there isn’t any problem afterward.

A sale comes with a lot of obligations toward each other – the seller and the buyer. Not everyone knows all the details and that’s why you need a professional. When doing this, you’re hiring a contract lawyer. This means you hire them once, pay them once, and they represent you until the deal is over. No need for further communication or additional charges.

4. Police matters

Problems with the authorities is a very serious issue. From a simple speeding ticket to a murder investigation, you must have a legal representative by your side.

The most common problem with the police is in the traffic. There’s no person living in an urban area that hasn’t been stopped by the police. Sometimes we forget about the rules and break them. Let’s say you’ve been drinking and driving. Being stopped by the police can mean spending time in jail if you don’t do the right actions.

It’s smart to always have a private attorney on speed dial and get them in the station right away. Until then, it’s best if you keep silent. When the lawyer arrives, let them talk instead of you. They know the right words that won’t incriminate you so you get by the lowest punishment. Learn more about police ways to incriminate you here: https://criminal.findlaw.com/criminal-rights/helpful-hints-for-individuals-suspected-of-criminal-activity.html

5. Problems at work

You’ll be amazed at how many people are facing mobbing at work. If you want to verbally or physically attack someone, it means it’s time to hire a lawyer and file charges against this person. This way you save yourself from charges against you, yet, you have the chance to make this person stop harassing you anymore.

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