Digital Marketing: WhatsApp for lawyers, tips to get results!

Considering that you already know the importance of using WhatsApp for lawyers in your firm’s legal marketing strategy, we will not go into the merits of reinforcing what you already know; we will take advantage of your precious time to address some “details” that you may not have taken care to include it in his routine.

To facilitate your reading, we have separated our guidelines into 10 topics; however, for the reader who goes through all the steps, you will find an excellent tool to help manage your firm’s clients at the end of the article or visit website.

Use An Exclusive WhatsApp Phone Or My Number?

Undoubtedly, separating professional from personal life is the best way. Unfortunately, some manufacturers, such as Apple, do not offer “dual chip” versions, and, in this case, you will have to carry two cell phones if you choose to provide the service alone. In several clients that we provide consultancy, we advise lawyers that when they leave for hearings or meetings, they delegate the responsibility for responding to messages in this time interval to someone else (obviously when there is such availability). In other cases, the advice is that the lawyer activates the “message of absence” function. WhatsApp (only in the Business version) will automatically send a message with the information that you are in an appointment and will return as soon as possible.

From experience, we can assure you that you will get much more benefits than an inconvenience. Until you get into the habit of charging both cell phones (for those who do not have a dual SIM card or choose not to use both apps on the same device – WhatsApp business and “normal” WhatsApp), it is necessary to be very disciplined and follow some rules to prevent the biggest time thief these days (yes, himself!), compromise your productivity.

Which To Use, Whatsapp Business Or The Conventional Version?

Some functions will only be available in the Business version; it is the best option to start on the right foot and professionalize your communication.

The Business version, which is also available for desktop, offers numerous possibilities, ranging from sending automatic messages, organizing contacts, sorting content according to urgency or topic, information about your office (phone, e-mail, address, opening hours, and a brief description of its history) and, most importantly, give the customer more credibility by knowing that they are exchanging messages securely.

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