Essential Tips For Online Marketing For Law Firms

To help create this process of building an internet marketing for lawyers plan for a law firm, here are some ideas to get you started:

1 – A website with professional and optimized design

The website is the first door to your business. Usually, people will search, drop down on your site and make an instant judgment on whether they will do business with you. And people will judge the book by its cover; that is, the first impression of your office will be directly linked to the visual quality of the website.

More than design, the website must be structured appropriately, presenting the services properly and how the visitor can get in touch with you. All of this will be part of a strategy to build a quick relationship of trust and encourage that visitor to choose his office instead of all the other competitors. The website needs to be anchored in the three pillars below:

Objective and easy to navigate, with easy-to-read content and simplified access to the main areas.

Provide a contact form to motivate the visitor to make contact, either by asking questions or asking questions about the office services.

Responsible because today we have more than 50% of the visitors who already use their cell phone to browse online, seek information, and make contacts.

In addition to the design, the structure of the website and its content must be planned with attention to the search engines. If your office is of local/regional reach, this becomes even more important, as there is a great tendency for users to look for local businesses. For this placement, you need quality content about the services you want to be well-positioned.

2 – Use campaigns on Google AdWords

Google is the most efficient marketing platform for lawyers. As a “subtle” marketing strategy, which merges with organic results, Google’s sponsored links allow you to highlight the offices in the first search results and bring highly relevant accesses overnight.

Some Direct Benefits Of AdWords:

  • Budget control – Allow you to decide your monthly investment.
  • Region control – The possibility of defining that the ads appear only for those looking for in a particular city or state is an essential strategic differential to segment the target audience.
  • Keyword segmentation – With the definition of keywords, you are sure to make the office appear at the exact moment that a potential client is looking for the service that your office provides.

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