I Was a Passenger in a Car Accident, Can I Receive Damages?

Car accidents are the leading cause of injury and can impact everyone involved. If you have been a passenger and are injured in a car accident, you will be faced with medical bills and added stress. But did you know that as a passenger you still have the right to file a claim and receive damages for your injuries?

As a passenger, you are not at fault. If driver neglect was found, this needs to be proven to win your claim and receive damages. This gives you the legal right to pursue a claim with the insurance company of the driver that was at fault.

Being involved in a car accident can lead to serious physical and emotional injury. As a passenger in a car accident, you will still need to receive medical treatment right away. Documents and medical records pertaining to the injury are going to be crucial when it comes to your claim. After you receive medical attention, speak with an attorney. Especially if you suffered a severe injury, speaking with Sacramento spinal injuries attorneys will be beneficial to your claim.

The job of the attorney is to provide you with legal advice and representation while also gathering all important documents. In addition, attorneys will speak to key witnesses to prove who was at fault so you can receive the damages you deserve. Dealing with a car accident claim can seem complicated. From the investigation to the police reports, an attorney will review everything to build a strong case.

There are some issues that can make the claim even more complicated. If you are injured in a car accident and you are related to the person that was at fault, it might make the insurance situation difficult, especially if you are under the same insurance. It is all up to who is involved and what your policy states. This is another reason that working with an attorney will be helpful. They will be the main point of contact with all of the insurance companies involved, as it can be quite time consuming and overwhelming.

Keep in mind that there is usually a limit to how much in damages you can receive. Your attorney will put together a case that includes proof of injury and proof of neglect through medical records, police reports, and witness statements. After being injured, you need to take the time to fully recover and not have the extra stress and getting your claim in order. While you are focusing on recovering, your attorney will do the hard work for you to ensure you receive the damages you need to help pay medical bills or help with any missed wages resulting from your injury.

Legal Representation from Hann Law

Hann Law Firm serves the greater Sacramento area in California and specializes in personal injury claims. They will aggressively fight to win your case and get the compensation you deserve after being injured in an auto accident. Hann Law Firm understands how difficult it is to be involved in a car accident that results in injury and will offer you the legal advice you need while showing compassion. After being injured in a car accident and needing a claim, work with a trusted attorney that will be on your side like Hann Law Firm.

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