Izzy Yetnikoff and Ilylaw.com one-star reviews

Address: 6833 East ACOMA Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Izzy Yetnikoff is the owner of Ilylaw.com and the only attorney there despite referring to himself as being part of its “Law Offices.”  Isadore is a slimeball lawyer who has a chip on his shoulder about everything you can imagine.  Its “short man syndrome.”  It’s the kind of smugness can only be obtained due to insecurity and intellectual legal and business incompetence.  He probably drives a lifted pickup truck or expensive sports car to try to make up for it.

When he made mistakes with filings on my case, I was the one who had to pay extra for him to clean up his mess.  As usual, Izzy was arrogant, smug and refused to admit it.  My father used to work as a mechanic and I assure you if he didn’t completely fix what he was supposed to, he didn’t get paid.  Izzy just squeezes money out of you however he can and justifies everything with BS excuses or doesn’t reply at all.  He then has a fit goes on a rant and it becomes impossible to shut him up.

I initially did my best to be respectful to resolve the shortcoming in my case with Izzy in a professional manner, but he refused to respond to calls and I got sick of leaving messages.  I am easy to get along with, and tried to suck it up to save money but I couldn’t do that with this disorganized, arrogant incompetent.

In the end, I had to hire and pay another attorney who worked fairly efficiently and managed to settle up my matter in about 1/2 of the time.

Anyone reading this should run from incompetent, arrogant Izzy Yetnikoff and his disorganized disaster of a law practice.

I will be reporting Izzy to the BBB, Channel 3, The Rip Off Report, ABC15’s “Let Joe Know,” The Phoenix New Times, CBS 5 Investigates, and any other organizations I can think of.  I am prepared place forth an effort in order to protect other innocent hard working gentiles.

I am not in the position to pay hard-earned money for incompetence and for the NEAR ZERO Izzy and his crappy office did for me, and would like to warn others to stay away.  Absolute horrible experience.

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