The importance of using a Power of Attorney in California

A debilitating illness can leave you all crippled and unable to take care of the most important matters of your life. Whether you are affected by a serious mental or physical condition or both, you need to have someone who can take decisions on your behalf so that things work out smoothly for you. This is why you need to get the Power of Attorney form which can help you to choose a person who will be legally responsible for making important decisions on your behalf.

What is the POA or Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney or a POA is basically a document that indicates a certain legal arrangement through which you can choose a person to make decisions and perform actions on your behalf if somehow you are unable to do all those things by yourself. You can become seriously injured in an accident or get affected by a sickness that affects your mind or body or both. Alternately, you may need to go somewhere and you need to have someone who can actually act on your behalf so that important decisions can be made. Such critical requirements can be easily managed through the use of a Power of Attorney document. Since all your needs and wishes are mentioned in the Power of Attorney document, you can be sure of the fact that they are going to be carried out even if you are unable to speak or move. You should get the Power of Attorney form filled up, signed and notarized so that it has legal value.

Types of Power of Attorney

There are different types of Power of Attorney documents and based on your specific requirements, you need to choose one that fits your needs.

POA for Childcare

The POA for Childcare is used when you are handing over the legal rights of taking care of your children to a person who is not a parent of the children. Such a Power of Attorney allows the agent to make decisions relating to medical care of the children, education and other various important matters. The POA for Childcare can be revoked even before the expiration by issuing a revocation form.

Limited POA in California

By using the Limited Power of Attorney, you can only issue certain specific powers to your agent. This means that the agent you choose for yourself has the liberty to act only on some definite matters when you are unable to act on your own. This particular form of POA remains active unless a revocation order has been issued. You should issue the revocation order in writing for it to actually take effect.

Getting a Power of Attorney

In order to get a Power of Attorney in California, it is important that you obtain the form from a reliable and well known online source. There are now many online sites that offer various types of legal forms which can be downloaded, copied, collected and printed for personal use. These forms are drafted by experienced lawyers and they are in line with the legal requirements of such documents in California. By obtaining a Power of Attorney form online, you can have it filled up, signed and notarized so that you can choose an agent who can represent your needs when you cannot act. 

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