Situations that Require Hiring of Immigration Lawyer

Are you aware that one-seventh of the world’s populations are immigrants? Immigration can be defined as the movement of people away from their home country to live in a foreign country. Economic factors that contribute to immigration include, seeking job opportunities, improve the standard of living, gain education, and the desire to obtain higher wages. On the other, non-economic factors that may lead to immigration include ethnic cleansing, natural disasters, war, political instability, persecution, and genocide.

Since most people don’t comprehend the immigration law and various requirements needed for visa/ green card application, they seek immigration lawyers’ assistance. Immigration attorneys such as Yemi Getachew Immigration Law Office P.C. assist in applying for some type of immigration document.

Characteristics of Immigration status categories in the U.S

Citizens: This category entails people who are born in the state or who have naturalized as permanent residents after three to 5 years of lawful stay. Persons in this category can never be deported unless fraud was used to obtain citizenship. You receive any public benefits legally.

Permanent residents: The persons are either legal permanent residents or conditional residents. Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) are persons holding green cards. They have been granted authorization to live and work in the States permanently. Conditional residents are those persons who have been married for less than two years before receiving a green card. Conditional residents are required to file removal of the condition within two years of receiving their green card or otherwise you will face deportation. Under both statuses, you are eligible to work and live permanently unless a case of criminal offenses or immigration law is violated.

Non-Immigrants: These are people in the country legally but temporarily. They may include individuals granted temporary protected status, students, fiancées, tourists, and business visitors. Withholders of the temporary visas are not allowed to overstay as legally you will be identified as undocumented.

Undocumented: These are people in the country illegally and without permission. They are not authorized to work and have no access to benefits such as a drivers’ license. Once you are legally caught you run the risk of being deported. Undocumented residents are a result of an overstayed temporary visa or illegal entry into the state.

Cases and instances that need an Immigration lawyer

  1. Submission of immigration documents: Filling any type of immigration document is a tedious and complex process but with the help of an immigration attorneyassistance is assured. They help to fill and create clear document testimonials.
  2. When an applicant has been convicted of a crime: an applicant must disclose the entire criminal record. Previous charges that were expunged need to be included. Immigration lawyers are well versed in how criminal law overlaps with immigration.
  3. Failed immigration application: Consult an Immigration lawyer as to why a prior application was denied. They will determine the reason and advice you on whether it is possible to re-apply in the future.
  4. When an applicant is waiting unreasonably long during the application process: Immigration lawyers can aid in obtaining a rush processing.
  5. When the prospective employer is not assisting with immigration issues: Processing of employment-based visa is complex. Lawyers can help facilitate that employer is fulfilling his obligation to immigrant workers.
  6. If an applicant has a medical condition: Immigrant lawyers will help you comprehend what diseases that may lead to denial in the entry of a country.
  7. If the applicant had been deported:Immigrant attorneys provide advice on the impacts of deportation. Deportation may seem like a permanent bar to enter a country.


It is recommended that if you have begun the application process, and you don’t know what to do next, consult an immigration lawyer and make the process faster.

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