Types Of Road Accidents That Are Covered By Personal Injury Insurance

Accident means something happening all of a sudden with prior warning, keeping full knowledge about your rights as a victim and also as a culprit can help you recover from it easily. Searching for answers to question, ‘how to get money from a motorcycle accident without a lawyer?’ or learning how to claim settlement for damage of vehicle or property can help you get relaxation from this traumatic incident a bit.

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Talking further about the road crashes, trucks can be very damaging to the car and the property too. Truck drivers driving recklessly and hitting the vehicle ahead lead to rear-end car accidents that pain a lot to pocket as well as to body. ‘When to consult a lawyer for a truck accident?’ – These queries do show that there are multiple kinds of situations occurring on the road, let’s find about a few important ones.

Some of the important road accident types

Motorcycle accident: Motorcycle zooming past on the road looks amazing to many, but it can be a risky proposition if the speed limits are not being followed. Motorcycle can get hit by a truck, a car and also by a fellow motorcycle rider. It can also be a menace when the motorcycle rider bumps into another vehicle or hits a property like a wall, a walkway or gate of a house. Depending upon the case, insurance settlement can be claimed with or without the lawyer.

Car accident: Car accidents claim a lot of lives in California every year. The accident is mainly caused due to over speeding cars, the cars taking wrong turn, breaking the traffic signal, drunk driving and so on. The car driver is a victim when the car is hit on the rear side by a truck or another car. Depending upon the extent of damage, repairs of the car need to be done. Many times, body parts like back, neck, spine get hurt too, which cause loss of income. All such cases require an insurance cover to get the required help for paying for the losses happened.

Car driver can also be a culprit when he has not followed the traffic rules, or have hurt any person or damaged a property by mistake. Negligence is not a pardonable offense when it leads to damage of people and property. Thus, the car drivers also buy liability insurance to settle the damages without going to court.

Truck accident: Trucks are not allowed in all parts of the city normally. Even where these are allowed, there are fixed hours during which the entry in the city is allowed. Over-speeding trucks are no less than monsters that claim life instantly when they hit another person on road or driving a car. The highway accidents are mostly caused by trucks when the driver is not following the safe driving rules or is drinking while driving or is distracted due to any other reason.

Pedestrian accidents: A speeding car ramming into the walkway puts the pedestrians in danger. The pedestrians on road can also meet an accident when they are walking while breaking the signal. If the car or motorcycle or truck has lost control and there is a pedestrian en route, it can create accident situation on road. The pedestrians also have right to get insurance claim if they are not compensated well by the hitter.

So, these are some of the accident types that can happen on road. Insurance companies have different plans to provide cover to people involved in such accidents.

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