What Does It Mean When A Property Has Inadequate Security?

Premises liability is a complex area of the law, especially when other crimes are involved in it. When a crime happens at someone’s property, such as theft, robbery, assault, battery, or rape, and injures people who were present at the time, the injured people may go against the property owner for not implementing the right security measures.

You deserve compensation if you have suffered injuries due to negligence in security on someone else’s property. However, before you file a claim, it is important to understand what it really means to have inadequate security. Speak to an experienced group of Lawyers today.

What is meant by inadequate security?

Inadequate security is the lack of security measures in a property due to which someone meets with an accident and suffers from damages. The lack of security usually results from carelessness and negligence. 

It is important to consider that inadequate security can occur for several reasons. For example, it could happen because a property owner did not care enough to hire security guards, put up surveillance cameras, or lacks effective monitoring systems. 

In other cases, accidents can occur even when security measures are taken, but they prove ineffective due to poor quality. For example, hiring the wrong person as a security guard, not checking the surveillance cameras, and poor training of employees can be considered inadequate security. 

What are the elements in a negligent security case?

Winning a negligent security claim can be difficult and complex. However, if you prove the following elements of negligence, you can increase your chances of recovering compensation. 

  • Negligence: You must show that the property owner was negligent. Here you need to prove that there was a duty of care, a breach of duty, and the breach resulted in your injuries. 
  • The crime was foreseeable: To win a premises liability case, you must prove that the accident or crime was foreseeable due to certain circumstances. Perhaps there had been similar crimes in the area before, and the property owner should have considered that and provided enough security. 

What are the signs of bad security in a business?

Some common red flags of security in businesses are: 

  • Despite being located in a high crime rate area, the business lacks adequate security.
  • The property is poorly maintained and lacks elements to prevent crimes. For example, there are no suitable fences to keep out burglars and thieves. 
  • The owner does not pay heed to crime reports or complaints and ignores criminal activity. 
  • The crime that occurred at the property was preventable. 

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