Why Can’t Parents Ignore The Matter Of Child Support?

Child support also acknowledged as child maintenance, is a periodic and ongoing payment that a parent makes for his child’s financial benefit after his marriage terminates. At times, child support is also provided for some other similar relationships. An obligor pays child support directly or indirectly to oblige for the support and care of children. Most often, the obligor happens to be a non-custodial parent, and oblige is a caregiver, guardian, or custodial parent.

The differing laws

The rules of child support vary based on jurisdiction; hence, a non-custodial parent might receive child support from a custodial parent. One of the parents has the duty of paying child support regardless of gender. Therefore, a mother might be needed to pay child support to a father, similarly as a father should pay a mother. The child support lawyers Houston can assist people with forming paternity for the cases of child support. Additionally, they can determine the gross income for calculating the total cost of child support which includes health care costs and other costs.

Lessening the cost of child support

In Houston, the guidelines for child support have been revised. Hence, if a payer does not earn $1000 per month, the support guideline would get a 5 per cent reduction. This rule applies in the cases of child support that have been filed after 09.01.2021. Hence, if there is 1 child, support depends on 15 per cent of net income. For 2 children, 20 per cent; for 3 children, it would be 25 per cent, for 4 children, 30 percent; and for 5 or more than 5 children, it will be 35 percent.

The determination of child support

Under federal law, every state should follow some guidelines to calculate child support. Nonetheless, every state forms its guidelines. Hence, if you are curious about the amount you will be required to pay towards child support, you must follow the guidelines that your state has adopted. Again, your amount will also be decided according to your exclusive circumstances.

As both parents remain indebted to supporting their kids, the guidelines calculate many factors to decide the responsibility of each parent. A judge can order child support without following the precise guidelines; however, the support ought to be warranted. The divorce laws of a state mention the acceptable reasons for not following the guidelines. Irrespective of the freedom a judge takes to spell out child support, he should consider various factors to decide how much payment a parent will make towards child support. Commonly, these factors comprise items:

  • The income and needs of the custodial parent.
  • The needs of the child include daycare, education, health insurance, and other needs.
  • The ability of the paying parent.
  • The standard of living of the child before his parents become separated or divorced.

Normally, courts, before deciding on child support, need both parents to provide a vivid picture of their financial condition that includes the details stating their monthly income as well as expenses.


How can a child support lawyer help?

When a non-custodial parent refuses to pay child support, you can take the help of many enforcement measures for collecting regular as well as past-due payments. In this context, the child support lawyers Houston can assist you in determining the enforcement tools that would cater the best in your case.

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