Do You Need the Assistance of a Social Security Disability Attorney if You are Filing a Claim?

If you are pursuing social security disability (SSD) benefits, you can increase your chances of success when you hire an attorney to help you with your claim. You must understand that the Social Security Administration or SSA receives millions of disability applications every year. Sadly, a lot of these applications are denied despite an applicant’s qualifications and disability. 

When the SSA evaluates claims, it can take months for it to make a decision. If a claim is denied, the applicant will have to wait more months before their appeal can be heard. The chances of a claim being approved depends on your ability to demonstrate that your disability is entitled to benefits and that the claim’s requirements have meet satisfied. You can learn more about this when you click here. Just because you have a disability does not mean the SSA will quickly approve your claim. The assistance of a disability attorney is vital to ensure you don’t make mistakes that can ruin your claim. 

How a Disability Attorney Can Help You Navigate the Claims Process

Appealing an SSD claim denial can take months, so it is best to focus on securing approval for your initial claim. Usually, you can accomplish this by reviewing the forms and documentation carefully as well as hiring an experienced attorney. Incomplete applications, lack of documentation, and improperly filled out forms can result in a denial, causing delays and a financial crisis for you.

The best attorney to work with is familiar with how the application process works and the necessary documentation to satisfy the disability requirements of the SSA. They can assess your claim, complete your application, as well as review your medical records and documentation, ensuring you present enough evidence that substantiates your claim. If the SSA denies your claim, your attorney can appeal the decision and fight to secure the benefits you are entitled to. 

Common Reasons for Disability Denials

If you are applying for social security benefits, you must know the common mistakes others make, so you can avoid them. The following are the reasons the SSA denies disability applications:

  • Insufficient medical evidence. You can qualify for SSD if you can prove you cannot work because of a disabling condition. You must have sufficient medical documentation that shows such an inability to work. 
  • Previous denials. Sometimes, the SSA may not approve an application that has been previously denied. This is the reason you should consider appealing a denial instead of submitting a new application.
  • Income. The SSA will deny a claim if they find out that the applicant continues to make too much money following a disability. 

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