Steps to Take Immediately After a Bicycle Accident

Tips to Help You Cope with the Chaos of a Nashville Bicycle Accident

You understand you are surrounded by larger, heavier motorized vehicles when riding your bike, so you take precautions to protect your safety. Unfortunately, the drivers sharing the road with you may not be so vigilant. According to theTennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, there are almost 375 bicycle accidents in the state every year, and more than 90% of them lead to at least one death or injured victim. Due to the popularity of bike riding in Nashville, the risk of being involved in a collision is high. In Davidson County, there are 59 fatal and injury-causing bicycle accidents annually.

If you were hurt in a bike crash, you are understandably in pain and overwhelmed by the chaos. It can be difficult to know what to do, so some tips about protecting your health and your rights are helpful. One of the first is to reach out to aNashville bicycle accident lawyer for assistance with pursuing the at-fault driver. Additional steps include:

Get Medical Care Right Away

You need prompt, proper treatment for your injuries, so head to the ER, an urgent care facility, or your physician after the collision. It is important to seek care the same day, as delays can impact injury recovery and your rights when you pursue a bicycle crash claim against the at-fault motorist.

Exchange Contact Information

Make sure to get names, phone numbers, and insurance details from all involved drivers. However, keep conversations brief. You should avoid discussions about how you think the bike crash happened.

Grab Your Cell Phone

Your phone is an effective tool for gathering evidence at the scene, so take pictures and video of:

  • Damage to your bike and other vehicles;
  • Your injuries;
  • Traffic signs, signals, and lane markings;
  • Weather and traffic conditions; and,
  • Other relevant details at the scene. 

Talk to Witnesses 

Another excellent source of evidence in a bicycle accident is input from the witnesses and passersby who observed the incident. Be polite and appreciative in getting contact information from these people who may provide significant support for your claim. 

Use Caution in Discussions With an Insurer 

If an agent contacts you about the bicycle crash, you should not offer any information other than confirming your identity. Do not provide a statement or answer questions, as you could inadvertently reveal facts that could harm your claim.

In addition, never sign any documents or accept payment from an insurer. You could be giving up important rights through a release or cashing a check forwarded by the insurance company. It is critical to consult with a lawyer who can give you credible advice on your claim since the insurer will not.

Contact a Nashville, Tennessee Bicycle Accident Attorney Right Away

These tips are helpful, but you can trust Bednarz Law to handle all important legal tasks. To learn more about your remedies, please call 615-256-0100 orgo online to set up a free consultation with a Tennessee bike crash lawyer.

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