Hiring a Construction Accident Lawyer: Four Common Construction-Related Injuries

The rise in crane construction has contributed to an increase in construction-related injuries. Construction workers who have been injured on the job must need the services of an experienced construction attorney from Killian Law Firm. Although some accidents are minor or just part of the job, they must be taken seriously.

Construction is a risky occupation and injuries must be reported so that affected workers will get compensated.

If you suffer from any of the following construction injuries, make sure to contact a construction accident lawyer:

Broken Bones and Fractures

A bone or cartilage break can be considered a fracture. It can take place when under stress or if there is an impact when the bone is hit by an object. Older workers are at a higher risk of construction-related injuries than young workers. Depending on the impact’s severity, the fracture can be open or closed, which describes whether or not the fractured bone has punctured the person’s skin. In calculating compensation, the associated costs and loss of income will be considered.

Neck or Spinal Injuries

Neck and spine damage can come from different experiences. Also, victims can have various symptoms that all depend on the injury’s severity. Some victims can experience weakness, numbness, or soreness; however, the symptoms can get as bad as a full paralysis and shock. Neck and spine injuries must not be taken lightly. Back pain that results from a collision on a construction site is a serious condition. A neck or spine injury may make it difficult for you to go back to work, so make sure to work with a construction accident lawyer to know your options.


Burns are often overlooked and hard to prevent on a construction site. When repairing or constructing buildings, workers might touch exposed wiring lines. This could result in shock or burn workers. Also, chemicals that clean or bond some materials must not come into contact with skin as they can cause burning or irritation. The degree of the burn will determine the treatment level. Fourth-degree burn can damage the bone or muscle. While you heal, it might be important to consult with a construction accident lawyer to make sure your treatment is covered.

Brain or Head Injuries

Head injuries can lead to disability and fatalities. Traumatic brain injuries can result in immediate death or lead to cognitive or emotional function changes that are not easy to measure. Injury from fall debris on construction site can have serious impacts on the person being injured.

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