How to get your $10000 person case of personal injury protection benefits in Florida

If you are driving a vehicle in Florida and you have car insurance is very likely that you have access to some form of no-fault benefits as a driver. You can access up to $10,000 in benefits after a car accident depending on the nature of your injuries.

As a typical car accident will damage more than just your vehicle, it’s possible that you could recoup a number of other expenses including lost wages, medical bills, financial pressure on your family and more. If you are driving a vehicle in Florida and you have access to car insurance it’s important you speak to a lawyer to learn more about your personal injury protection benefits.

No-fault insurance benefits can help you cover the expenses in the wake of an accident and this could deliver up to 80% of your medical expenses, 60% of your wage losses and some additional expenses up to a total compensation of $10,000.

No-fault insurance works like a line of credit, there’s no guarantee that you can access this line of credit until you speak to your insurance company after an accident. By notifying your insurance company you could make sure that the no-fault policy covers you as a pedestrian, you as a cyclist, any family members that were riding in the car or that reside with you or passengers of your vehicle as well.

If your expenses exceed the $10,000 limit is also possible that you could take advantage of a policy claim from an insurance policy from the other people involved in the accident. The no-fault protection benefits do not necessarily require a legal representative to access, but if you are having trouble accessing these forms of compensation you can speak to a legal representative to work with your insurance company in a personal injury claim.

This post was written by J Stanford Morse, P.A. Stan is a personal injury lawyer at his practice. He has been practicing law for over 40 years and is St Pete’s trusted car accident attorney.

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