Victims of personal injuries and their near and dear ones undergo a lot of stress and trauma, when in such a situation. During the time of personal injury, lawyers who are empathetic will lessen your stress and will guide you through the litigation process. Car Accident Lawyer Ottawa Yegendorf and Associates aim to understand the clients and create a safe space for them to share their story and help them out. The top priority is delivering exceptional service to the clients. The soft skills are put to their best use to help clients who are seriously suffering after a car accident.

Why us?

Joseph Doris, who is an associate, knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a lawyer as he grew up walking in and out of law office as his mother works as an assistant to a criminal lawyer. This provided him with the necessary exposure and encouraged him to pursue a degree in law. After finishing his graduation from the University of Ottawa in Public Administration and Political Science, he later attended Faculty of law in the same school. Being passionate about law, Dorris approached his education with an open mind and studied a wide range of courses to expand his knowledge.

Acquiring the required experience

Being accepted into the Clerkship program gave him the upper hand. In the Clerkship Program, hand-picked students are given the opportunity to gain credits under the supervision of judges from the Ontario Court of Justice. During this program, Doris’ role was to assist the judges with criminal, regulation and appellate proceedings. The exposure provided through the program helped him to gain extensive experience while working under the supervision of esteemed judges.

After having graduated cum laude in 2017, Doris was also a part of the Dean’s honour list. Since then, he has represented various clients at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for various matters. Cases related to motor vehicle accidents are his forte. Apart from that he also has experience in Tort litigation, statutory accident benefits, occupier’s liability, Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits, product liability and long-term disability claims, to name a few. Doris’ empathetic nature and drive to help their clients get the claim, gives him the upper edge.

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