Tips to Choose A Great Legal Recruiter and Maximize Your Effectiveness Working Together

Legal recruiter selection is crucial because it will define your coziness in working with them. Why is a legal recruiter needed? In this highly competitive legal industry, a law firm needs to recruit the best candidates for open positions. Some firms hire legal recruiters to discover the best candidates with experience and qualification.

How to choose a great legal recruiter?

Never hire the first recruiter you come across. There are many legal recruitment agencies to choose from. Therefore, when you go looking around for legal recruiters some things need to be considered.

Comfortable to communicate

You need to feel at ease when you talk to the potential recruiter about your career dreams and a perfect job. It only happens when the recruiter is an interesting listener noting down your crucial priorities. If he is just performing a sales pitch on a specific job, then move to another.


You can research easily if the recruiter’s agency is well-established or not. Check the potential recruiter’s professional and educational background. Even find if the recruiter agency is accredited by a disciplined group.


It takes a lot of time to monitor opportunities as well as develop relationships with the legal firms. For example, if John migrates from Los Angeles to Sydney then the likeliness that the Los Angeles recruiter concentrates on that particular region.

Alternatively, for legal jobs Sydney you will need to opt for the local legitimate recruiter who has a better knowledge of opportunities. One recruiter agency can’t cover the whole country. In case, the recruiter boasts to cover the entire country it is a red flag!


Recommendation from a fellow lawyer is a great alternative to hire a recruiter. It is a trusted source as they had good experience with the referred legal recruiter. This gives substantial weight to the referral!

Working with a single recruiter allows having a confidant and consistent coach in your corner the entire time. They help your firm to be kept on track with regards to your defined priorities and goals. After you selected an ideal legal recruiter, it is necessary to maximize their effectiveness.

Tips to maximize legal recruiter’s effectiveness

  • Ensure that your recruiter knows you well not as a lawyer only but even as a person.
  • Meet your recruiter face-to-face because it helps to develop a trusted and strong relationship.
  • The impact of withholding damaging information is worse than providing those details upfront.
  • You may be unable to highlight your achievements or your law firm’s key strengths but a legal recruiter will find it ok in bragging about your positive successes.
  • Tap the expertise of a legal recruiter and discuss your specific expectations.
  • Stay connected with your legal recruiter because job search is a great law firm that is crucial for your career.
  • Respect and understand the experts at the legal recruiting agency. You may have had a bad experience in the past, but it doesn’t give you the right to disrespect a legal recruiter. Recruiting is one of the serious professions!

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