Legal Advice for Development Projects

Within property development and other types of large-scale development projects there are many facets to understand. Legally, it is important to have a full concept of the potential pitfalls and the legal responsibilities and obligations of different people financing and working on the project. If you are involved in a professional capacity within a development project it is important to have complete transparency in your dealings, and to have the assistance of solicitors with experience in dealing with myriad property developments and projects.

Within a commercial real estate development there will be a range of issues to contend with, from funding issues in the build up to a project, through to complications with suppliers and contractors and a whole host of other potential issues. Development projects can encompass a wide range of forms, and it is important to work with solicitors who have an understanding and reputation for working effectively within areas such as:

  • Commercial real estate
  • Large-scale domestic property developments
  • Development of green field sites
  • Industrial park sites
  • Retail park developments
  • Leisure facilities
  • Business parks
  • Energy projects
  • Renewable energy ventures
  • Data centres
  • Hotels
  • City centre developments
  • Infrastructure developments

This list highlights how many different types of development projects there are, and with assistance from legal experts in the field you can ensure that you are fully covered for all potential problems and eventualities, from funding and planning, to suppliers and contractors and beyond.

What Type of People Seek Legal Advice for Development Projects?

You’d be surprised how many different types of people require legal assistance when it comes to property development projects. With such a wide range of activities and sectors listed above there are various reasons why legal assistance is required. Property developers are obvious clients of solicitors in these matters, but the list includes landlords, investors and landowners looking to develop a plot of land or to refurbish an existing property. Owners of heritage or bespoke buildings will also look for legal expertise to ensure they do not fall foul of potential problems with planning authorities and the like. It is better to have full transparency and knowledge from all sides of a development project, and that is why you’ll also find funders, local authorities, construction companies, subcontractors and professional consultants such as engineers and architects seeking legal advice with relation to aspects of agreements on development projects.

With such a wide range of potential pitfalls to be aware of, as well as legal and regulatory processes that are just an accepted part of any development project to work through, it is vital that you have the right legal assistance on your side throughout. Whether you are looking to acquire a development site, selling a development site for either commercial or residential purposes, leasing commercial ventures, putting together franchise and business agreements, or dealing with a whole host of other development project related issues from partnerships to large corporations. Always ensure that you are covered legally, and that your solicitors understand all aspects of property developments no matter what side of the deal you stand on.

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