Seven Things to Do When Asked to Stop for a DUI

Drinking and driving is never a good combination. It can put you at risk of accidents or get you behind bars. Even if you can easily afford the services of a good DUI lawyer, you must not push luck by getting behind the wheel while drunk. Keep in mind that authorities are always in the lookout for drunk drivers. When cops apprehend you, what happens next will depend on what you do as the officers ask your questions to determine if you have got a DUI on your hands. The last thing you will do at this point is to do any of the stupid things:


There is no way you can escape the cops unless you have a supernatural power to disappear suddenly. Making a run for it will just make things worse for you since the officers will assume your guilt and that you may be hiding something.

Be Disrespectful

There is nothing good in being rude to the police officers when you are flagged. They will book you immediately, leaving with headaches that won’t go away as you face your DUI charge. Try to be as respectful as you can and answer the questions properly instead or provoking the officer in front of you.

Do Not Try to Bribe the Cops

Bribing a police officer is an absolute no-no. In fact, this should be one of the most stupid things you could do when you are stopped for a possible DUI offense. When you bribe, you could be arrested right away and face two offenses instead of one. If you have read the
The Complete DUI Law Guide, you would know the seriousness of bribing as an offense.

Be Straightforward with your Answers

When police officers ask questions, they expect you to give polite and straightforward answers. Thus, do not tell them your life story with every question. Talking too much can get you in trouble. Remember that officers will collect evidence they can use against you.

Ask to Speak to a Lawyer

You should always ask the officer to speak with a lawyer. An experienced DUI lawyer can do a lot of things to help you in this situation. They may question any evidence against you or ask you to keep quiet if necessary.

Avoid Making Unnecessary Movements

During a stop, cops will observe every movement you will make so try to stay still to avoid suspicions. In fact, sudden movements might make them think you are trying to reach a weapon.

Tell the Truth

Try your best to be as truthful as possible to the police officers because lying will only hurt your case. You actually just nothing or tell the truth that you have had five drinks.

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